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Potential job----  Liaison with Veterans Service Organizations in Washington, DC

Friends & Colleagues:

This msg is regarding a potential job that comes through the WW I 100th Anniversary Commemoration Commission, where I serve on the Board of Directors and EXCOM of their Foundation.  I fully realize that this job opportunity is too junior for most of you, but my guess is that you have contacts or colleagues who might be interested in applying.  Full details on the position and duties are copied under my signature line below.  Pay level $65K - $84K.  Please share with those who might be looking for something like this.

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey




Summer Internship Program

Internship opportunities will:

  • Gain real world experience

  • Network with professionals

  • Build your professional skill-set

  • Create a professional competitive edge in the job market

  • Apply classroom theory to real world business scenarios

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