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Scam targetting transitioning Marines from MBW Importance: High



Updated May 8, 2016 - Please disregard any and all interviews arranged via Google Hangouts.  This is a scam.  There have been ZERO Human Resources personnel who utilize Google Hangouts to make initial contact.  This is a scam.  Have any HR personnel contact Will Donaldson webmaster @ if they have any questions.




Additional scams:




Subject: Please pass to all: Scam targetting transitioning Marines from MBW
Importance: High

Good afternoon all,

In the past week, at least (5) MBW Marines transitioning out of the Marine
Corps have been targeted by a scam veiled as an employment opportunity.  The
scam is convincing enough that it has been successful on at least one

This leads me to the conclusion that:

A- This scam is just starting, and will continue to target MBW (and other)
transitioning Marines over the next several days/weeks.  Or, MORE
IMPORTANTLY, several Marines who have not yet come forward may be in the
process of being scammed right now. 
B- The scam is convincing enough that our young, in-transition Marines are
vulnerable to it.

Please pass the following to all Marines, but particularly those in

Details of the scam:

- All Marines targeted by the scam had recently attended TRS.
- As directed at TRS, they posted their resumes to the website ""
Immediately they began to receive numerous job offers (some of which are
probably legitimate, but some were scams).
- The majority of those scammed were directed to download some type of
messenger application, through which the "interview" was conducted. 
- Once they were found to be a good fit for the "job," the Marines were
issued checks in varying amounts of money (typically 4-6 thousand).  They
were instructed to deposit the checks.  They were told that the checks were
for them to purchase some type of work equipment that could only be
purchased by the user.
- If the Marines deposited the checks, they were then directed to transfer
the money from one account to another. 
- If the Marines were hesitant to transfer the money from one account to the
other, the scammer was very insistent and convincing, assuring them that
their "accounting department" had verified the transaction.  They assured
the Marines that this was the only way to pay for the new office equipment
which was required for use in their home office in their new, part time,
highly profitable employment.


- If at any time the Marine who was being solicited gave any indication that
he was onto the scam, the scammer would immediately discontinue all
communications.   Specifically, by asking the scammer to verify his identity
by phone conversation, legitimate website with the company, linkedin
profile, etc, the Marines were able to end the scam attempt. 
- If the Marines have accepted and deposited the check, they will receive
significant pressure to continue to the final step, which is to transfer the
money to another account.  Of course the scammer wants the money to be
transferred before the banks can identify the fraudulent check. 
- The scammer will claim to be from a legitimate company, and will be

Those are the quick facts, and all that I know at this time.  I wanted to
get this out immediately as there may be some Marines who are already in the
process of being scammed, and hopefully their leadership can assist them
before they receive any deposit--or particularly before they transfer any
deposits that they have already received.

Thank you.


Major Chad Morgan
Headquarters and Service Company Commander Marine Barracks Washington 8th
and I Sts SE, Washington D.C.
202-433-6632 (w)
202-345-9489 (bb)
202-794-0886 (c)
John.c.morgan1 @ usmc . mil (Note spaces have been added to prevent spam)