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Resume Contents

A resume is designed to prompt an employer to invite you for an interview, and to direct the questions asked by the interviewer. Your resume should include:

  • Personal details: name and contact details (address, email address, phone number).
  • Objective: the kind of position you’re seeking and the location at which you want to work.
  • Accomplishments: significant accomplishments you’re achieved in professional or managerial roles.
  • Education and qualifications: relevant educational programs you’ve completed in civilian or military schools; degrees, diplomas and certifications.
  • Security clearance: active security clearance level, or eligibility for the same.
  • Work experience: a list of previous roles in reverse chronological order (from most recent and backward).

Make sure to include relevant “buzzwords” in your accomplishments and qualifications.

See Resume “Buzzwords” to learn more.


Note: We recommend drafting a “generic” version of your resume, and then if necessary, tailoring it for each specific job you’re applying for.


Note: Ask one or more people with job-hunting experience to review and comment on your resume draft.


Further reading:


Here is an example of a resume, with some notes about each section: