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Resume “Buzzwords”

“Buzzwords” are certain common words or phrases from the specific professional domain you’re considering, which an employer or recruiter will look for when first scanning your resume. For example, for a specific IT (Information Technology) role, the important buzzwords might be “Unix environment”, “network security” and “storage”. For an executive position, an employer might be looking for “managed large multi-disciplinary teams”, “thought leader” and “initiative”.

You can usually understand what the key buzzwords are from the job descriptions that interest you. It’s important to include these buzzwords in your accomplishments and/or education, as early on in the resume as possible. If the right buzzwords are not included up front, the reviewer may not read the rest of the resume.

In addition, your resume will usually end up in a database or other computerized repository, and it may only be read by a human if the right buzzwords are found in an automated search.

Of course, you should only use the keywords that are appropriate for you. “Fibbing” may be found out by cross-checking with your digital profiles or in an interview, and your goal is to highlight the skills you actually have!