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Resume “Don’ts”

Here are some pitfalls to avoid when writing your resume:


  • Don’t mention references in the resume by name. Potential employers will ask about them if needed.
  • Don’t mention age, gender, race, marital status, etc. in resume – an employer is not allowed to ask those questions and may just delete your resume from their files if that information is included.
  • It is usually not a good idea to mention your military awards in the resume – that can come out during the interview.
  • Don’t use text boxes, as some HR databases cannot read the content in the box.
  • Don’t use government email addresses or unprofessional-sounding email addresses, e.g. Arabkiller2012@yahoo, beerking@aol, joe_and_mary@yahoo, etc...
  • Don’t attach or send a copy of your DD-214 or any other Certificate Document with your Social Security number on it. These are presented during the interview and/or with the HR representatives when you provide proof of identification, fill out paperwork for employee identification, apply for insurance and attendant employment matters. If a potential employer wants your DD-214, confirm that this person is valid and then send only by fax. Some companies want specific military skills for security work at overseas locations. Beware that someone may steal your information.
  • Don’t overkill your resume with 100's of bullets.
  • No war stories.
  • Don’t mention Veterans Preference unless it's in a government-formatted resume. Do not send your resume to civilian employers - an automatic reject.